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Dr. Chef Vinoth Kumar - CEO / Chief Trainer

Dr.ChefVinoth Kumar holds 20 years of enviable professional experience in the hotel and catering industry. He holds the pride of having received various awards and accolades during his stint with reputed players in the hospitality industry like Le Royal Meridian, Taj Air Caterers and Hotel Abu Palace.

Carving Sessions, Training, Events and more:

Enjoy one-to-one sessions with
veteran Chef Vinoth Kumar during your course in SAI

He has conducted a number of successful Carving training sessions at leading Indian and overseas institutions, and pulls off and streamlines mega budget Carving Display Contracts from corporate giants and high-net-worth clients, and gets them all executed impeccably!

To him, executing high budget carving projects for parties in Star Hotels, Restaurants, Food Courts, Clubs and Pubs are a piece of cake! He has also conducted a number of live shows and sparkling events on Carving.

He is an illustrative demonstrator at various Hotel Management Colleges and has also taken part in various Culinary Judgments as Guest or Member of Judging Panels.

Media Presence:

Interviews with Chef Vinoth have captured the Headlines in many leading dailies, magazines and journals, and flashed across several TV channels like Jaya TV, Sun T V, Star Vijay, Doordarshan, inter alia.



  • Best Employee Award of the year - Hotel Abu Palace, TAJ Air Caterers
  • Best Carver Award - Lion's Club, Chennai
  • Best Institute Award for the year - Chanakya Academy
  • Ice SirpakalaiChakravarthy Award - TCKM Board Committee
  • NunkalaiVithagaKaniamuthu Award - South India Social & Cultural Academy
  • Silver Medal / Bronze Medal for Butter Sculpture & Vegetable & Fruit Carving - IFCA (Culinary Challenge & Exhibition) 2008 / 2012 / 2014

Leadership of Dr.Chef Vinoth

  • 2 decades of industry knowledge
  • 5 times World Record Holder
  • Youngest Doctorate Holder in India
  • Trained 6300 Carvers
  • Trained over 7342 Students & 7 Major Departments
  • Media Person

Message From CEO

SAI International Institute was founded in 2004 and has successfully trained over 4800 students across India and abroad.

Education beyond Curriculum!

SAI is known for educating students beyond curriculum. We have created a beautiful educative environment such that our students naturally tend to develop their creativity, work ethics, management and leadership skills all of which are integral parts for a successful career. We also give them the needed ground to face and tackle challenges by probing, discussing and working close with peers to achieve a better understanding.

Students at SAI will not only learn about Hotel Management, Carving, Service Skills and Kitchen Operations, but also get specialized in Finance & Accounting, Marketing and Sales. As a part of their course, we have also included Tourism Product Knowledge.

Dr. Chef Vinoth World Records

Fastest to Carve 1 Pumpkin

Blind Folded Carving

Fastest to Carve 1 Ton Pumpkin

Vegetable Swaram

Jallikattu Success Cake Celebration

Youngest Chef to Achieve Doctorate


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