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Sports Day Celebrations

Feisty and Fun event Students were exuberant and high-spirited on this Sports Day we celebrated on 22nd August 2015. The event took place at Sai IIHM campus where we organized sports including Cricket, Volley Ball, Tennis, Running Race, and many more - yes, running race was a part of the event too!

We strongly believe that a healthy life is not just about developing and maintaining a healthy profession or education, but it is equally about physical and mental health and lifestyle. And that is why Sai continuously encourages and motivates students to actively take part in various sports events that will trigger everyone in staying fit and healthy.

Independence Day Cookery Competition

Flavorful day of Exotic Dishes and Prizes A tasteful day it was, truly! Students were as keen as mustard to take part in the competitions and win exciting prices. Chef Kalaivanan was the Chief Guest – his novel approaching towards judging the students and our dishes put everyone in awe of his expertise.

Students created a Salt Presentation of the Map of India and received appreciations from all corners. Some of the dishes prepared during the event are: Pastas, Mocktails, Chicken Dishes, Soups, Cakes, and lot more.

Blood Donation by SAI IIHM Students

Soul-stirring, Satisfying Day Sai IIHM joined hands with the Red Cross Team and organized a Blood Donation camp. The event started with a warm welcome given by Dr. Chef Vinoth Kumar.

The importance of blood donation as well as the consequences of insufficient supply of the life-saver were briefed to the students prior to the event. Most students volunteered to donate blood. It gave them great pleasure and satisfaction that each drop of blood they donate will meet the emergency need of ‘some’ life on earth!

Freshers Day Celebration

A Sparkling, Enthusiastic Day Freshers Day Celebration by SAI IIHM was a grand success in the presence of our lovely Chief Guests Powerstar Dr.Srinivasan, Mrs.Sree Periyakaruppan- Foodology(Chennai), Mr.Kalathinathan- GM of Ambika Empire, Mrs.Nicola Jayakumar- Senior Training Manager of Taj Madras Flight Kitchen,Chef Babu- Senior Consultant and Sai Institute CEO, Dr Chef Vinothkumar. Students enjoyed dance, comedy, entertainment and inspirational speeches. This was truly an enthusiastic kick-start of a bright career for all freshers. The event took place at Hotel Ambika Empire, Chennai.

International Chef Day

A Day of Love, Care and Affection On this big day, all the students and staff members from Sai Institutes had planned for a mouth-watering feast for over 153 Special Children. A special menu was jotted down including handpicked recipes and interesting dishes. Up to our expectation, all the children dived in to the dishes and enjoyed the treat.

The theme of the International Chef Day was ‘Healthy Kids, Healthy Future.’ Abiding by this, students were also involved in cleaning the entire home and living space of these children. The event was celebrated in accordance with IFCA guidelines.