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Bakery & Confectionery Course

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  • International Placement

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    Bakery & Confectionery

    Most bakers enter the baking profession by working as apprentices or on-the-job trainee at commercial bakeries, patisseries or supermarkets under the wing of an experienced baker.

    This will always help for gaining exposure in baking profession and one can progress into a full-fledged baker as soon as they learn food handling and baking techniques to work with 7 Star/5 Star Hotels, Abroad Countries Such as USA, Russia, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai & Luxurious Cruiseliner.

    Courses We Offered

      • Offered by : Government Of India.
      • Duration   : 1 Year
      • Eligibility  : 10th Pass Or Fail

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    At the Sai Institution, We are committed to helping you in every step of your journey, so you can achieve a successful future in the field of culinary Arts...

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      Bakery & Confectionery

      Sai Institutions

      Bakery and Confectionery items are aptly called as the “FMCG” of the Hospitality Industry”! Hence, Sai International Institute of Hotel Management “Bakery and Confectionery” Course was evolved under the tutelage and leadership of highly acclaimed Dr. Chef VK(Vinothkumar) to teach students all the aspects of Planning, Monitoring ,Control and Technicalities of  BAKERY Operations, in a very practical and comprehensive manner. In juxtaposition with this, students are also well-equipped with insights into production  of Breads, Buns, Cakes, Pastries, and a wide variety of other Confectionery items. Sai International Institute of Hotel Management has a dedicated BAKERY and CONFECTIONERY Department with expert Trainers, along with its CEO and Chief Trainer , Dr. Chef VK (Vinothkumar) who is a highly acclaimed Professional Chef himself with 6 Global Awards. This ensures that all BAKERY and CONFECTIONERY students grasp the Basic fundamentals and move to higher concepts , thus equipping them with a Practical and comprehensive in-depth knowledge in the various nuances of the subject. Students are well placed in Top BAKERY and CONFECTIONERY Units after graduation from Sai International Institute of Hotel Management and some even become successful Entrepreneurs by opening their own Bakeries

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