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        Bartending is now coming up as a popular career option. It is being considered to be quite unconventional and yet one of the most interesting careers in the food and beverage industry which in turn is a very important part of the hospitality industry. It is quite an interesting career option for those who want to have an exciting, people facing a career, bartending would be a correct choice.

        A bartender is one who can bring life to any bar. He is a thorough professional who can multitask and should have certain characteristics like being prompt, having positive body language, should be smart, having an innate capability to cater to people’s demands and providing them what they need to make an evening memorable.


    Courses We Offered

      • Offered by : Government Of India.
      • Duration   : 1 Year
      • Eligibility  : 10th Pass Or Fail
      • Offered by : Government Of India.
      • Duration   : 3 Months
      • Eligibility  : 10th Pass Or Fail

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      Sai International Institute of Hotel Management Stories

      BARTENDING is the Science and Art of Preparing, Mixing and serving appetizing Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic drinks in a licensed Bar. This can be Bar in a Pub, Restaurant, Hotel or even in a Bar on a Luxury Cruise Line.
      Hence, Sai international Institute of Hotel Management “BARTENDING” Course was evolved under the tutelage and leadership of highly acclaimed Dr. Chef VK(Vinothkumar) to teach students all the aspects of Planning, and Technicalities of BARTENDING Operations, in a very practical and comprehensive manner. In juxtaposition with this, students are also well-equipped with insights into Good Client relations with etiquette andProfessional Service in a Bar .

      Sai international Institute of Hotel Management has a dedicated BARTENDING Department with expert Trainers, along with its CEO and Chief Trainer , Dr. Chef VK (Vinothkumar) who is a highly acclaimed Professional Chef himself with 6 Global Awards. All BARTENDING students are empowered with comprehensive Knowledge on various types of Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Beverages, the various Colorings , Flavorings, Additives to enhance Liquor taste, Communications and Customer Service, and MIXOLOGY – the fine art of Mixing and managing different Liquors and flavors. They grasp the Basic fundamentals and move to higher concepts, thus equipping them with a Practical and comprehensive in-depth knowledge in the various nuances of the subject. BARTENDING course Students are well placed in the BARS of Top Hotels, Restaurants, Cruise Liners, etc after graduation from Sai international Institute of Hotel Management . Some even open their own BARS as a Successful entrepreneur

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