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About Sai Institutions

SAI INSTITUTIONS is a Premiere Institution in Saidapet, Chennai, which commenced its operations in 2004. It has  19 Years of Excellence in imparting very good Education to all its students. About  17,000+ Students have passed out till date.

Founded and Managed by Sai Educational Trust, Dr. Chef  VK,  as Head and CEO of SAI INSTITUTIONS, is a highly accomplished and versatile Chief Trainer and Educationist, with over 25 years of experience. He is also a Master Carver and Food Stylist. He is a recipient of 6 Global Awards.

SAI INSTITUTIONS has a very strong and strategically formulated industry focused curriculum for academic learning and practical experience

Importance Of Bartending

A Bar is a place where Alcoholic beverages are sold to consumers . The Alcoholic drinks could range from high to moderate alcohol cotent – like Whisky, Rum, Vodka, Wine, Beer, Brandy, Gin, etc.

BARTENDING  is  the Science and Art of Preparing and serving Alcoholic drinks in a licensed Bar. This can be in a Pub, Restaurant, Hotel or even in a Bar on a Cruise Line.

Good Client relations with etiquette and Professional Service with a Courteous approach to the customer also forms a cardinal aspect of the duties of a Bartender.

BARTENDING involves cognizance of the techniques of mixing different alcoholic drinks in the right proportions to cater to the varied tastes and ensure consumer satisfaction.

A good Bartender will indubitably know the subtle nuances of creating an appetizing

COCKTAIL  –  a mix of base alcohol / liquor in juxtaposition with various Flavorings and Colors to enrich the sensory aspects of the consumer with respect to the feelings of Taste and color..

MIXOLOGY forms an important aspect in BARTENDING, involving Special  mixing of different Alcohol / Liquor flavors and colors with various other ingredients to create a highly appetizing alcoholic beverage !

BARTENDING can be fun, but also a rigorously scheduled activity , requiring considerable endurance and skill in both mixing of Liquors as well as in  Customer communications. – especially, when the Bar is full. But  it has its own charms . As a good professional Bartender in Top Bars and Hotels, you can even get excellent tips and form a high profile network with various Clients and guests from around the world !

Sai  Institutions Course In Bartending

SAI  INSTITUTIONS are well known for developing professionals in  BARTENDING with excellent theoretical and practical inputs, using Latest Technologies.

SAI  INSTITUTIONS has a dedicated BARTENDING Department, offering courses in various streams .Some of the Cardinal streams of study offered  in BARTENDING  are :

  1. Knowledge on various types of Alcoholic Beverages
  2. Knowledge on various types of Non-alcoholic Beverages
  3. Coloring , Flavorings, Additives to enhance Liquor taste
  4. Communications and Customer Service
  5. MIXOLOGY – The art of Mixing and managing different Liquors and flavors

A dedicated BARTENDING  Faculty, with expert Trainers, ensures that all BARTENDING    students grasp the Basic fundamentals and move to higher concepts , thus equipping them with a comprehensive in-depth knowledge in the various nuances of BARTENDING .  .

Additional Advantages for SAI  INSTITUTIONS BARTENDING Diploma :

  1. course – 3 Months / 1 Month diploma

 Sai Institutions – Bartending  Placements

Alumni students of SAI INSTITUTIONS BARTENDING  Department, have been well placed in  with good Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs, Reputed Bars, Cruise Ships. etc .

SAI INSTITUTIONS thus offers you a “GOLDEN CHANCE” to directly learn under the tutelage of highly acclaimed Industry Professional  as its CEO and Chief Trainer and Student Mentor. for all its students !!

  Unique Advantages Of Sai Institutions Bartending Course

The 5 KEY ASPECTS which makes SAI INSTITUTIONS the Leader for BARTENDING Educational studies  are :

  • Educational Campus is in the Heart of Chennai (at Little Mount, Saidapet  )
  • Very good Scholarship Schemes for SC / ST Candidates
  • 100 % Bank Loans are available
  • Diploma from Bharat Sevak Samaj – Govt of India recognized
  • World Class Educational Affordable price, by Experienced faculties

For More Info about the bartending Programme
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Address: 27, NRS Building, Velachery Rd, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600015
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