Importance of CRUISELINE CRUISE LINES are large and wide Passenger ships and Ocean Liners. They are mainly used for vacations, carnival, Sight-seeing, etc travelling on the oceans across the globe. Passengers and crew can stay safely for weeks and months on these ships and travel to different ports. The tourists undertake round-trip voyages on these […]


Importance of OPTOMETRY OPTOMETRY is the Science and Art of Ensuring Healthy Eyes ! It helps in testing and correction of various types of Eye ailments and rectification of Eyesight problems and evenremoving foreign bodies accidently lodged in the eye via non-surgical process. OPTOMETRISTS are well- trained professionals who deal with testing of Eyes, andprescribing […]


At SAI INSTITUTIONS, We Offer : Regular & Periodical National and International internships in renowned hotels and inconcerned institutions relevant to the course. Exhaustive theoretical and practical classes within the institution. Holistic all-round Training and education for every student to a high level ofcompetence. Robust Environment of Unity and Teamwork which enhances their interpersonal skills. […]

Top 5 Reasons to study at Sai Institutions

Do you wish to have a job that acts as the passport to the world?Do you dream of a professional career that is both professionally stimulating and personally rewarding?Making a career in the Hospitality industry or Fashion Industry by Studying at SAI INSTITUTIONS can be your best choice ! GROWTH OF HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY In the […]


Communication is the Key in all spheres of Human life.Effective communications is of quintessential importance , especially for a student starting his career path . Proper Communication facilitates proper cognizance of others interests and needs and fosters Personal and Business Growth , with proper mutual cooperation and successfulrelationships. This type of communications aims to generate […]


GROWTH OF HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY The Hospitality sector has rapidly evolved in recent times – both Nationally and Globally. Hotels and Restaurants cater to the major portion of this industry sector, chiefly aided by the growth of Tourism and Tourist activities worldwide. The HOTEL Industry is now very rapidly evolving, both in India and Internationally. HOTELS. […]