Visiting the campus and understanding how the college works is a vital part of choosing to study there. We take campus visits by potential students, seriously. We take them on tour and explain each and every single one of their questions.


Success, vibrancy and constant exploration. We push our students to come out of their boundaries and think outside the box.Chennai’s Sai institution is a believer in practical education and we take up group activities, hands-on training, IVs, guest lectures and more to give as much training as possible to our students.C

Students Club

Ranking among the top hotel management colleges in Chennai we focus not only on studies but on the progress in the life of a student. Students at Sai can pick a club of their choosing and nourish their creative side. Clubs for drama, singing, dancing, writing, and more make Sai an enthusiastic place to study in.ur

Gym Membership

Physical fitness is a part of the overall growth of an individual and we want all our students to be physically fit. This is why we suggest access to state-of-the-art gymming facility In and around our campus @ offer Price on Request.

Sports Activity Wing

At Sai, extra curricular activities are given equal importance as academics. Our sports activity wing makes sure that the students interested in sports are encouraged to play their favorite sport and become more confident.

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