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Hotel Management – An Evloving Industry


The Hospitality sector has rapidly evolved in recent times – both Nationally and Globally. Hotels and Restaurants cater to the major portion of this industry sector, chiefly aided by the growth of Tourism and Tourist activities worldwide.

The HOTEL Industry is now very rapidly evolving, both in India and Internationally. HOTELS. are now rapidly scaling up of Operations in 2022, after a marginal decline due to the Pandemic situation over the past 2 years. Hence It offers immense scope and potential for every student to make a brilliant career ahead !

Managing a Star Hotel is not an easy task. A whole gamut of Management and Technical SKILLSand key activities needs to be carefully managed and controlled




HOTEL MANAGEMENT involves Planning, Administration and Management of Human Resources, Financial Resources, and Strategies, Planning, Monitoring and Control of Operations in various Departments of Hospitality related industry sectors – like Hotels and Restaurants,Guest Houses, Specialized Food Parlors and Outlets, Bakery and Confectionery firms, MNC Cafeterias, Airline Catering, Cruise Ship Catering, etc.

As a paradigm, it can be Guest Management, Communications, Business etiquette in Hotels, Food and Beverage Services, Kitchen Management , Accommodation Operations, Hotel Accounting, Financial management., Strategic Planning, Technical Operations, ,etc …




  1. Sustainable ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY Solutions inside he HOTEL.
  2. Guest Experiences are now Digitally enhanced
  3. New QR codes based Contactless payments at Front offices of Hotels,Guest Houses
  4. Automated Chatbots on Hotels and Tour Websites, to answer doubts and queries of visitors
  5. Booking technology automation – with various Digi-Apps giving multitude of Choices.
  6. Focus on Health & Safety on the Upswing – Sanitized Rooms, Contactless Water Taps, Hourly Auto-Air quality monitoring, Anti-Pathogen filters in Hotel AC units , etc
  7. HOTEL SMART Rooms – Keyless Smart Locking – with Biometric Locks and Fingerprint authentication Technology, Smart Digital controls for Water Shower, Faucet, Light, Fan,
    AC, TV etc operations, Wireless Charging for Mobile Laptops and Phones.
  8. SMART Mirrors in Hotels – A 2 way Mirror also Displaying Time, Date, Weather, News,
    Social Media Trends, Events, etc
  9. CONTACTLESS CHECK-Ins in STAR HOTEL, using Voice and Facial Recognition
  10. Availability of a host of Concierge Services via One –touch calling and Video Chat




  1. Contactless Sanitizers
  2. Contactless Human Body Temperature Checks
  3. Contactless Door locking – with Digital Keys & Apps
  4. Voice search services – like “Alexa service”- for Hotel search & Bookings
  5. Nutritive Culinary Measures in Food Production– More emphasis on Nutritive Food &Beverage Menus , use of Organic ingredients and Pathogen –busting Culinary
    ingredients like Ginger, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Basil, etc



The 5 KEY ASPECTS which makes SAI INSTITUTIONS the Leader for HOTEL MANAGEMENT Educational studies are

  1. Educational Campus is in the Heart of Chennai (at Little Mount, Saidapet near T Nagar )
  2. Very good Scholarship Schemes for SC / ST Candidates
  3. 100 % Bank Loans are available
  4. Accredited Degree from Alagappa University and International Diploma from Lincoln University, Malaysia, with International Internships
  5. World Class Education at Affordable price, by Highly qualified & Experienced faculties

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