Top Hosptality Trends Of 2022

Top Hosptality Trends Of 2022

Hospitality Resurgence

The HOSPITALITY Industry is now very rapidly evolving both in India and worldwide. Hence It offers immense scope and potential for every student to make a brilliant career ahead ! 

Hospitality industry sectors  –  like Hotels and Restaurants, Guest Houses, Specialized Food

Parlors and  Outlets, Bakery and Confectionery firms, MNC Cafeterias, Airline Catering, Cruise Ship Catering, etc. are now rapidly scaling up of Operations in 2022, after a marginal decline due to the Pandemic situation over the past  2 years.

Top  11  Key Hospitality Trends In 2022

  1. Re-Start of all major Passenger Airlines and Cruise Liner operations worldwide !  
  2. New  QR codes based Contactless payments at Front offices of  Hotels,Guest Houses
  3. Automated Chatbots on Tour Websites, to answer doubts and queries of visitors
  4. Booking technology automation – with various Digi-Apps giving  multitude of Choices.
  5. Focus on Health & Safety on the Upswing – Sanitized Rooms, Contactless Water Taps,  Hourly Auto-Air quality monitoring, Anti-Pathogen filters in Hotel AC units , etc
  6. SMART RoomsKeyless Smart Locking – with Biometric Locks and Fingerprint authentication Technology, Smart Digital controls for Water Shower, Faucet, Light, Fan, AC, TV etc operations, Wireless Charging for Mobile Laptops and Phones.
  7. SMART Mirrors in Hotels – A 2 way Mirror also Displaying Time, Date, Weather, News, Social Media  Trends, Events, etc 
  8. 24/7 Food Delivery systems
  9. CONTACTLESS CHECK-Ins using Voice and Facial Recognition systems
  10. Availability of a host of Concierge Services via One –touch calling and Video Chat .
  11. 360 Degree Website –based   Virtual Tours  –  of Tourist spots and even Hotel

Facilities – using  “AR / VR” – Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies.  

Additional and Significant Hospitality Trends in 2022

  1. Contactless Sanitizers
  2. Contactless Human Body Temperature Checks
  3. Contactless Door locking – with Digital Keys & Apps
  4. Voice search services – like “Alexa service”- for Hotel search & Bookings 
  5. Nutritive Culinary Measures in Food Production– More emphasis on Nutritive Food & Beverage Menus , use of Organic ingredients and   Pathogen –busting Culinary ingredients like Ginger, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Basil,  etc   
  6. “Bleisure Tours” and Travels –  Blending Business with Leisure 
  7. “Holistic Therapies” in Tourism – Like Special Tours  for Yoga Camps, Soul  Therapies, Meditation Camps and Sessions,  Spiritual  Retreats, Natural Detox Therapy Tours, etc
  8. “Culinary Travels” – especial as a food connoisseur,   to Hotel and Restaurants worldwide, with Michelin Star ratings !  ( – like Veeraswamy & Tamarind in London , or Junoon in New York, etc.)

Sai  Institutions Course In Hospitality Management  

SAI  INSTITUTIONS are well known for developing professionals in HOSPITALITY

MANAGEMENT    with excellent theoretical and practical inputs, using Latest Technologies. \ SAI  INSTITUTIONS has a dedicated HOTEL MANAGEMENT  Department offering courses in various streams . 

The 4 Cardinal Courses of study offered  in HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT  are : 

  4. CRUISE LINE Services

The 3 Cardinal streams of study offered in HOTEL MANAGEMENT  are :

  1. Food Production
  2. Food & Beverage Service
  3. Housekeeping
  4. Front Office

A dedicated HOSPITALITY Management  Faculty, with expert Trainers, ensures that all Hotel Management  students grasp the BASIC fundamentals and move to higher concepts , thus equipping them with a comprehensive in-depth knowledge in the various nuances of Hotel Management  .


  Degree Course (3 Years)  – Alagappa University    

  Diploma Course ( 2 Years) – Bharat Sevak Samaj – Govt of India recognized

  International Diploma Course( 3 Years) – Lincoln University, Malaysia

Sai Institutions –  Hospitality Management  Placements

Alumni students of SAI INSTITUTIONS Hotel Management  Department, have been well placed in Famous Top  Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Resorts, Cruise Lines, etc. 

Some of our SAI INSTITUTIONS Hotel Management  students have become entrepreneurs and  have successfully started their own Catering Units and Restaurants !!

5 Unique Advantages Of Sai Institutions Hospitality Management Course 

The 5 KEY ASPECTS which makes SAI INSTITUTIONS the Leader for HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT  Educational studies  are :

  1. Educational Campus is in the Heart of Chennai (at Little Mount, Saidapet near T Nagar )
  2. Very good Scholarship Schemes for SC / ST Candidates
  3. 100 % Bank Loans are available 
  4. Accredited Degree  from Alagappa University and International Diploma from Lincoln  University, Malaysia, with International Internships
  5. World Class Education at Affordable price, by Highly qualified & Experienced faculties


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