Skills Required For Hotel Management

Skills Required For Hotel Management

Hotel Management

HOTEL MANAGEMENT involves Planning, Administration and Management of  Human

Resources, Financial Resources, and Strategies, Planning, Monitoring and Control of Operations in various Departments of Hospitality related industry sectors  –  like Hotels and Restaurants,

Guest Houses, Specialized Food Parlors and  Outlets, Bakery and Confectionery firms, MNC Cafeterias, Airline Catering, Cruise Ship Catering, etc.

As Hospitality sector is based on the “Customer” as the “Focal Point” of cardinal importance, a wide gamut of professional skills are required in order to generate a powerful impact in the mind of the Clients / Guests in a Hotel.  

As a paradigm, it can be Guest Management, Communications, Business etiquette in Hotels,

Food and Beverage Services, Kitchen Management , Accommodation Operations, Hotel Accounting,  Financial management., Strategic Planning, Technical Operations, ,etc . 

Types Of Skills Required 

 These Skillscan be grouped as Primary and Secondary Skill-sets.

The PRIMARY essential and cardinal skills required are :

  1. Communication – both Verbal and Non-verbal
  2. Coordination – Inter-departmental and Intra-departmental
  3. Teamwork
  4. Inventory and Stocks Management
  5. Client Data and Records Management
  6. Problem solving abilities
  7. Emotional Intelligence
  8. Patience and Fortitude
  9. Positive Attitude – with other Hotel staff as well as Guests
  10. Service Quality & Professionalism in Guest Interactions 

The SECONDARY and important skills required are :

  1. Stress Management
  2. Time Management
  3. Financial Management – Accounting & Budgeting & MIS 4. Resource Utilization – Planning , Control & Optimization

5. Empathy – Look from the Customer’s viewpoint !

The aforesaid skills are especially of high importance in the following 5 crucial Departments of a Hotel :

  1. FRONT OFFICE Operations
  2. FOOD & BEVERAGE Services Operations
  3. HOUSEKEEPING Operations
  4. GENERAL ADMIN Operations  – especially pertaining to Staff Liaison, Internal & External  Communications, Media & Public Relations , Travel services,  Security,

Stocks, Guest Relations and Grievance Resolution Operations

HOTEL MANAGEMENT  also includes the subtle nuances of  maintaining a “STANDARD OF

EXCELLENCE”  –  for both “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” and  to conform with the Hotel Star Ratings, etc   –   in  juxtaposition with Managing Time and various Departmental processes efficiently to achieve “CLIENT DELIGHT” ! 

Hence, having aCUSTOMER-ORIENTED  MINDSET”  is of quintessential importance in Hotel Management operations.

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